Gustav is the stage name of the Austrian musician Eva Jantschitsch. She produces pop music mixed with electronic elements, as well as music for theatre and cinema. The name for her music project stems from her father’s desire to have a baby boy: he called Eva “Gustav” up until her third birthday. When Eva heard about this at the age of 20, she made “Gustav” her stage name.

Eva Jantschitsch, alias Gustav, is from Graz, Styria, lives in Vienna and is a pop and chanson artist, writer and composer. She considers herself a musical artisan and draws inspiration from Schlager music, chansons, musicals and folk music. She integrates these styles into electronic tracks, which she generates at home on her computer.

With her music project Gustav, Eva Jantschitsch has become “an icon of the feminist music scene”. In 2004 she released her album “Rettet die Wale”, which won her the Amadeus Austrian Music Award in 2005. In 2008 she released her second album “Verlass die Stadt” including the seminal piece “Alles renkt sich wieder ein”.

Gustav’s pointed lyrics counteract the catchy melodies. Eva Jantschitsch uses irony to level criticism at global and local political issues. She has a strong stage presence, supported in her live concerts by Elise Mory and Oliver Stolz.