Clara Luzia is an Austrian singer-songwriter. Together with her band she has been injecting new life into indie pop since 2006. Her full name is Clara Luzia Maria Humpel, she is from Oberretzbach in Lower Austria and lives and works in Vienna.

The independent pop and folk musician released her debut album “Railroad Tracks” in 2006 with the label Asinella Records. Clara Luzia established this label herself to release her own music and albums by other bands. “The Long Memory” came out in 2007, winning her the Amadeus Austrian Music Award. In 2009 she released “The Ground Below”, which was produced by Alexander Nefzger, as were her pervious albums.
This was followed in 2011 by “Falling Into Place”, mainly produced by Clara Luzia (guitar, vocals, keys) and her band, featuring Heidi Dokalik (cello, backing vocals), Ines Perschy (drums, backing vocals) and Max Hauer (piano, bass, guitar).

Clara Luzia performs to ever-growing audiences. Her fans appreciate her coolness and spontaneity; they love her inspiring way of making music and her sensitive and poetic songs, which deal with humanity’s discrepancies and conflicts.