Teresa Rotschopf started her career in music – not to mention many years of piano and singing lessons in childhood and adolescence – as the singer of the band Bunny Lake, which she joined in 2004 under the stage name “Suzy on the Rocks”. The band’s numerous concerts took them to places such as Timelkam, Trimmelkam, New York, Tallinn and Acapulco. In 2009 Bunny Lake won the Amadeus Austrian Music Award. After the launch of their fourth album, “The Sound of Sehnsucht”, the band announced its break-up in 2012.

Under the name “O”, Teresa Rotschopf started working on her solo debut album with the producer Patrick Pulsinger in 2011.

Influenced by her musical beginnings, she mixes analogue and digital instruments, synthesizers and church organs. She had her first performance as a solo musician together with Patrick Pulsinger and Martin Knorz (piano) in New York City at the invitation of the Austrian Cultural Forum. Her album “Messiah” is scheduled for release in 2013.

Teresa Rotschopf is the proud mother of Caspar Blinky Pils.

Bunny Lake