Luise Pop is an Austrian indie band that has existed in various forms since 2004. The present formation consists of three female musicians and a male drummer. One of the band’s front-women is Vera Kropf, guitarist, composer and singer-songwriter, who lives in Vienna and Berlin.

In 2009 Luise Pop launched its debut album “The Car The Ship The Train” on the label Asinella Records. The album was produced entirely by the band members and features a mix of electro, indie, pop and rock music. The songs evoke a feeling of wanderlust and have a feminist touch to them. The multi-talented band members play with stereotyped gender roles just as they play with their instruments.

In 2012 Luise Pop released their second album “Time Is A Habit”, merging fresh female voices, excellent surf guitar sounds, driving electro beats and contemplative melodies. The CD will be launched by the Austrian label Siluh Records and will feature a generous dose of pop, as the band’s name suggests. Like in the title song “Time Is A Habit”, which explores the transitory nature of life and the lapsing of time.

Luise Pop enjoy mixing various styles. Some of their songs are catchy, sing-along tunes, while others criticise entrenched habits and patterns – sometimes softly, sometimes furiously, but never pointing the finger.